Sunday, December 21, 2014

57th Annual Grammy Awards

Early Friday on CBS This Morning, Ed Sheeran and Pharrell Williams stopped by to reveal four major categories of nominations for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

Sheeran's own x (pronounced "multiply") got a nod for Best Pop Vocal Album and Pharrell's G I R L got a nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Sheeran didn't act too surprised, however, because he admitted that he had "peeked" at the results just before officially announcing them.

The Album of the Year nominees were announced Friday night during CBS' A Very Grammy Christmas special...Read the rest of the story

Taylor Swift: 1989

Recently, Taylor Swift was promoting 1989, her fifth album, which reviewers are hearing just once, after signing a lengthy non-disclosure agreement. In Australia she "lashed out" at critics who didn't care for her candid, confessional songwriting and its narrow focus on her past relationships. Swift called this criticism sexist because, as she pointed out, no one derides Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars for the same tactic. Touché. Those commentators will be rupturing veins when 1989 finally comes out. Of its 13 tracks, roughly 10 find Swift in love, out of it, or in transition. There are exceptions - such as Shake It Off, Swift's sassy US No 1 single, which rejects the bile of the haters. Recently revealed online, Welcome to New York is a love song, but to Swift's new city...Read the rest of the story

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